Storm Damage Photo Gallery

A faucet is left dripping to prevent frozen pipes.

How Can I Keep My Pipes From Freezing in Hesperia?

Winter temperatures can drop below freezing in Hesperia, and if they remain below freezing for more than one day, the chances of having a frozen or burst pipe increase. Learn more.

A storm-damaged roof is tarped to prevent secondary damage.

Emergency Storm Damage Response Team in Hesperia?

When you suffer roof damage in the middle of the night in Hesperia, you can count on our storm damage professionals in Hesperia/Apple Valley and Barstow/Twentynine Palms to mitigate the damage 24 hours a day. Learn more.

A person covers his dog's ears so he can't hear loud storm noise outside.

Tips for Calming Your Pet During a Severe Storm in China Lake?

Some pets get very anxious during severe weather. Here are some tips from the American Kennel Club for calming your pets during bad weather. Learn more.

Emergency lighting and supplies sit on a table.

High Winds Cause Power Outage in Barstow?

Do you know what to do in the event of a power outage? Our teams in Hesperia/Apple Valley and Barstow/Twentynine Palms offer these helpful tips from our blog.

Two SERVPRO technicians lay out plastic sheeting to catch drywall debris

Just in case

SERVPRO of Hesperia/Apple Valley and SERVPRO of Barstow/Twentynine Palms water technicians Kris and John prepare the carpet below a ruptured ceiling caused by excessive moisture buildup. Laying out this plastic sheeting (referred to as “poly”) ensures that any debris or excess dust caused from demolishing drywall doesn’t spread or permanently damage the carpet. Respirators are necessary when dealing with drywall to ensure the dust and particulates are not inhaled.

A ceiling damaged by intense rainstorms

Rain, rain, go away

This home near Hesperia, CA experienced an ongoing slow leak in the roof above a guest bedroom. After an unknown length of time, enough water had settled into wood and insulation above this window to cause it to finally rupture and cascade water onto the floor below.

Two male technicians checking ceiling

Moisture Meter testing

Two SERVPRO of Hesperia / Apple Valley / Barstow / Twentynine Palms technicians checking a ceiling with a moisture meter. This Apple Valley, CA home experienced a roof leak during a major rain storm. The primary function of this step is to evaluate the degree of saturation in an affected area before proceeding with either equipment placement or removal of affected material to allow for optimum air flow.

Containment duct removed

Containment without the Duct chanel

One of the last steps our technicians do while dehumidifying a ceiling or attic space is to remove the duct and continue to monitor to ensure the affected area has fully dried. 


Containment Duct to Remove Water

The water technicians at SERVPRO of Hesperia / Apple Valley / Barstow / Twentynine Palms constructed a containment duct to pull water from a ceiling at a storm loss in Hesperia, CA. The roof above this area experienced a leak from heavy rains battering the area.

Blue Roof Tarp

Roof Tarp during Storm

The front of a Hesperia, CA home that was damaged during multiple consecutive heavy rainstorms. The home recently had solar panels installed and the rainwater entered through holes from the equipment used to mount the solar panels and leaked into the room below.